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  • (2008) War as Business: Technological Change and Military Services Contracting, Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate, ISBN: 0754671674.
  • (2009) Killer Robots: The Legality and Ethicality of Autonomous Weapons, Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate, ISBN: 9780754677260.
  • (2012) Gezielte Tötung: Die Zukunft des Krieges [Targeted Killing: The Future of War], Berlin: Matthes & Seitz Berlin Verlag, ISBN: 3882215682.
  • Forthcoming (2015) Neurowaffen: Der Angriff auf das Gehirn, Berlin: Matthes & Seitz Berlin Verlag.


  • (2009) “Automating War: The Need for Regulation,” Contemporary Security Policy 30:1, pp. 172-193.
  • (2005) “The Future of the Military Profession: The Impact of Privatisation and Technology on the Identity of the Armed Forces,” University of Salford ESRI Working Papers, ISBN: 1902496442.
  • (2009) “What Are Academic Disciplines? Some Observations on the Disciplinarity vs. Interdisciplinarity Debate,” National Centre for Research Methods Working Paper published online.
  • (2009) “Five Strategies for Practising Interdisciplinarity,” National Centre for Research Methods Working Paper published online.
  • (2011) “The Use of Drones for Targeted Killing – The Ethical Dilemma of Precision Strikes,” Journal of Law, Information & Science Special Edition on Unmanned Vehicles, pp. 61-73.
  • (2011) “U.S. Intelligence Outsourcing and Its Future,” Brown Journal in World Affairs 18:1, pp. 195-211.
  • (2013) “Dead on Target? The Strategic Dead End of Targeted Killing as a Way of War,” in: Michael Aaronson and Adrian Johnson, Hitting the Target? How New Capabilities Are Shaping International Intervention, Whitehall Report 2-13 (RUSI), pp. 89-96.
  • (2013) “Targeting Individuals: Overcoming the Dilemmas of Secrecy,” Contemporary Security Policy 34:2, pp. 278-301.
  • (2013) “Teaching About ‘Area 51’? How to Cover Secret Government Technology and Capabilities in Intelligence Studies Courses,” Journal of Strategic Security 6:5, pp. 187-196.


  •  (2005) “ ‘Intelligence’ für das nächste Jahrhundert: Zukunftsperspektiven für Geheimdienste [Intelligence for the Next Century: Future Perspectives for Intelligence Services],“ in: P. Todd & J. Bloch, Globale Spionage: Geheimdienste und ihre Rolle im 21. Jahrhundert, ISBN: 3882218509.
  • (2006) Perspectives on Conflict, edited by Caroline Baker, Edward Granter, Rebecca Guy, Katherine Harrison, Armin Krishnan and Joseph Maslen, ISBN: 1905732082.
  • (2010) “Ethical and Legal Challenges,” in: G. Dabringer (ed.), Ethical and Legal Aspects of Unmanned Systems Interviews, Vienna: Institut für Religion und Frieden, ISBN: 9783902761040.
  • (2013) “Response to Fred D’Agostino’s ‘Disciplinarity and the Growth of Knowledge,’” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 2 (2): 19-23.
  • (2013) “Autonomous Weapons Systems and the Future of War,” e-International Relations (27 May), published online: http://www.e-ir.info/2013/05/27/autonomous-weapons-systems-and-the-future-of-war/.
  • (2013) “Robots, Soldiers & Cyborgs: The Future of Warfare,” Footnote1 (24 October), http://footnote1.com/robots-soldiers-cyborgs-the-future-of-warfare/.

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